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Mike Fifer

Brut Detroit Founding Sommelier

Mike is a Sommelier and currently serves as the Assistant Wine Team Leader for Plum Market in their Ann Arbor West location. Over the past decade he has developed his passion and knowledge for wine through research, classes with local wine experts, travel throughout France, Italy, Australia and China and years and years of wine tastings.  Mike's wine work experience includes time as a Beverage Director for Vinology in Ann Arbor and as a Wine Sales Representative in and around Metro Detroit for Woodberry Wine.

He believes that as popular as wine has become, it is still underappreciated with the majority of people.  Paired properly, wine can enhance food and food can enhance wine changing a "meal' to an experience. Mike believes in the adage -- "A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."

Lori Moss


Lori Moss is a Sommelier and a Sales Representative for Little Guy Wine. She began her career working with a small tasting room distributing Lynfred Wine in Wheaton, Illinois. She spent eight years in Houston, Texas continuing her work in the industry at The Cellar Door Winery as Distribution Manager and Leibman’s Fine Wine and Foods as the Wine Steward. While in the Lone Star State, she completed the Sommelier diploma program with the International Sommelier Guild and earned her certifications as a Certified Specialist of Wine and French Wine Scholar.

Lori believes that wine is best enjoyed with family and friends.



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Núria Garrote i Esteve 

Wine Expert

Wine is an art form that expresses a sense of place as seen through

the point of view of a winemaker. For the past seven years I have been committed to VINOVI & CO. with passion and persistence – traveling constantly to Spain to research, taste wines, visit vineyards and listen to wine “maestros” that I have come to admire.


Our portfolio comprises several producers from Spain and Portugal. They are perfectionists. They have strong personalities. They follow their own obsessions. They are tireless workers. They have passion for their land. They have nurtured an intimate and spiritual relationship with their vines; they know each one, and they pamper them. They are farmers. They are gardeners. They are winemakers.

Their wines tell the story of a place and of a vision. They look for balance, sensuality and purity. They stress the maximum expression of the fruit and the soil. They farm with respect. In each wine there is a part of their soul, their story, their landscape. Their wines talk to us. They do not scream. They whisper their beauty to us. They are happy people. They love what they do and deeply believe in it, and they do it with excitement. Tending the vineyard and winemaking are their lives. One of them told me, “There is so much to learn. It is a beautiful challenge.”

What these winemakers have in common is what makes them successful. Their individuality is what makes every single wine seminal. These wines point to the path to the future of the craft of winemaking in my country, Spain.

I invite you to share my discoveries and take the journey with me,