Tavel or not Tavel . . .  Tavel of Course!!

June 12, 2018

Rosés are enjoying unprecedented popularity with quality versions from Provence and elsewhere setting the standard.  Following #NationalRoséDay just a few days ago, and the “Drink Rosé All Day” campaign going on, we thought we would visit one of the more historical versions of the pink juice -- Tavel.




Not Provence?


No.  Tavel -- dark, fuller bodied, stronger flavors and ageable. And from one of our favorite regions in the wine world -- the Rhone in southern France.


Most Rosés on the market today are taking their cue from Provence and producing light pink juice with refined red fruit flavors.  But every once in a while, you need some body to that pink juice.  Tavel is perfect for those red wine lovers who want to dabble into the Rosé wine scene.


What is Tavel??


Tavel is a subregion, or “AOC”,  within the Rhone Valley in southern France.


While most of the Rhone Valley is dominated by red wines, rosé is the only permitted wine style made in the Tavel AOC.  Tavel has a  long history of rosé production and is often served at beach-side cafes overlooking the Mediterranean.



Located 10 miles southwest of Chateauneuf du Pape, the wines of Tavel are dominated by Grenache which makes up to 60% of the blend. The remaining blend must be at least 15% Cinsault with the remainder of the wine permitted to include Carignan, Syrah, Bourboulenc, Calitor, Mourvedre and Picpoul.


Rosés from Tavel are deeply pink in color with bold flavors of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and many times spice.  Because they are a richer style of rosé, they also tend to be “ageable”.  Many times a Tavel aged a year or two is better than the current vintage because of it’s time in bottle allowing it fully develop over time.   

Tavel pairs well with heartier fare including beef.  Yes, beef. A lean cut of beef on the barbecue is a wonderful with Tavel.  It is also though dynamic enough to pair with richer fish dishes, pork, and chicken.


Worth the effort to find at your local wine shop, join the “Drink Rosé All Day” folks and grab a Tavel for your next barbecue.  And let us know what you think of this “hearty” pink wine.





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