Drink Responsibly: 5 Ways to Upcycle Your Wine Bottles

April 22, 2019

Raise your glass, it’s Earth Day!


It was 49 years ago today that an estimated 20 million Americans attended the first Earth Day festivities across the nation. The event is credited with launching what has evolved into the modern environmental movement. Now, nearly 50 years later, more than 200 million people in more than 190 countries mobilize to lift global environmental issues onto the world stage.


In celebration of Earth Day, let’s talk about ways we can take otherwise discarded materials and turn them into useful and distinctive items.


Here are five cool keepsakes you can create by upcycling your wine bottles and corks after you pour that last glass:





Book Page Bottles

I love these. Keep the lids and use them as storage containers on your shelf. They’re great for storing and pouring grains and legumes. Or put a few in your next gift basket to add some flair and a personal touch.





















Cork Handle Cheese Spreaders

The next time you put out a wine and cheese spread for your guests, these are a must. If you have old cheese spreaders that maybe have seen better days, breathe new life into them with this quick and easy upgrade.














Champagne Cork Cake Toppers

You’ll never get that champagne cork back in the champs bottle, but you can find it a new home on top of a cake. The bride and groom cake toppers are a cute idea, but a few creative adjustments and you can easily use one of these little fellas on your next birthday cake, graduation cake or even a baby shower cake.



















Oil and Vinegar Etched Wine Bottles

These are as pretty as they are useful. They’re quick and easy enough to make multiple sets. Keep them on hand for last minute gift giving, or give a set to your host the next time you head to a potluck.




















Bottle Wall

This one is definitely more ambitious than our previous suggestions, but not as crazy hard as you might think. I suspect the most challenging part will be cutting the hole in the bottom of the bottle, so we may have to drink more wine. Sigh.












What do you do with your spent wine bottles and corks? Something cool? Share it with us in the comments, or tell us how your experiment went with one of our suggested DIY projects.


Happy Earth Day!



Ofelia Saenz is Brut Detroit's Wine Tasting Coordinator and an avid lover of all things wine! Like what you're ready? Drop her a line at ofelia@brutdetroit.com. Cheers!


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