Au Revoir to 2016 & Salut to 2017!!

January 3, 2017

As we leave 2016 in the rearview mirror, we look back on the year in wine with fond memories and hope for a great 2017.


Under the entrepreneurial guidance of Nicole, Brut Detroit was hatched in early 2016. Born from a series of monthly tastings at Pages Bookshop, Brut quickly grew to more summer tastings at Thomas Magee's in Eastern Market, a masterful private event in the fall, and we finished the year hosting actual weekend wine bar “popups” at Always Brewing Detroit in Grandmont Rosedale. Not to mention being included as a semi-finalist business is the Hatch Detroit contest and winning a Kickstart Award from TechTown Detroit to open a wine bar in the Grandmont Rosedale community. It has been quite the year!


During our time together this year, we hope that you enjoyed the wine and learned a little bit as you sipped. We covered a lot of ground:

  • We spent an evening sipping and tasting rosé wines from all over the world

  • We “wine and cheesed” for an evening

  • We paired wines with various desserts

  • We introduced you to the ‘Nain Rouge’ – to the delight of many

  • We paired wine with Halloween Candy

  • We introduced you to the wines of Gascony, Cotes du Rhone, Bordeaux, Languedoc, South Africa, Madiran, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and a delightful little Sangria from California that comes in a cool bottle

  • We introduced Wine Gift Baskets with great success

  • We coaxed a preeminent wine maker from Northern Michigan to join us for a very special evening of bubbles – thanks Larry Mawby!


As we look ahead to 2017, we thought we would try to give you some thoughts as to trends for the year and things you should be on the lookout for:


Think “Pink” – the popularity of rosé wine will continue – we Americans are discovering how great these wines can be and the popularity trend will only grow stronger in 2017 – a resolution for some of you might be to drink the pink year round instead of just over the summer months . . .


Orange wine – yea, orange wine.  It has become the new “in” thing among us wine geeks and its popularity will grow marginally in 2017 – you should at least be aware of it.  What is it? Orange wine is white wine made by leaving the juice in contact with the skins and seeds creating an orange hued wine.  It is not for everyone.  When made well though it can be fantastic – with flavors of bruised apple, jack fruit, juniper and brazil nut, it is a wine geeks dream . . .


Wines of the Loire Valley in France – exports of this wine to the US was up 10% in 2016 and expect that to be higher this year because of the disastrous weather in Burgundy as well as their skyrocketing prices.  Loire is known for its elegant and distinctive Cabernet Francs from Chinon and their dry and sweet Chenin Blancs from Vouvray.  Some other sub regions to be aware of when you visit your wine shops include Saumer, Touraine, and Anjou . . .


Wine in a can – yep. The popularity (and quality) of boxed wine continued steady growth in 2016, which lead producers to get inventive with their packaging; and now, you can buy single serve cans of wine at your local retailer.  In fact, sales of canned wine increased by 125% last year.  Now, the most popular wine cans come from Oregon Producer Underwood.  Great pricing, good wine, and convenience make these items popular for folks.


A boom in light bodied red wines – wine consumers are looking not only for great tasting wines but wines that pair well with a variety of food.  No longer will the bombastic Napa Cab or Aussie Shiraz do the trick – they overwhelm most meals. Light bodied red wines are generally fruitier and more acidic making them perfect for food pairings.  Look for wines of the Loire Valley, Oregon Pinot Noirs, Zweigelt from Austria and even Pinot Noir from northern Italy making more wine lists this year at your local restaurants  . . .


And lastly, Brut Detroit will have its own addition to the team with a 2017 vintage as Nicole and Steve are expecting an arrival of their first child in the early part of the year.  Cheers to them and to the new addition to the team!



Thanks so much to all of you who made 2016 for us at Brut a very special year.  We are looking forward to 2017 and all the opportunity it holds.





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